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This is a booklet of educational materials about rock art of Native American Indians in Southern California for teachers and students, grades four through six. It includes: lesson plans; photographs and drawings of petroglyphs, pictographs, geoglyphs, and cupules; and selected ethnographic information about the California Cahuilla, Chumash, Gabrielino, Luiseno, Tongva and Yuma peoples. References and locations for museums and field trips for rock art and Indian studies are listed.


The author has a California Teaching Credential for Art. She has taught art in junior high and elementary grades, and has an avocation in rock art and archaeology.


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You may reproduce this booklet, in its entirety or any part thereof, for educational purposes only, not for sale, not for profit, and not for direct or indirect commercial advantage. All reproductions must clearly reference this source document and the underlying credits. All other rights are reserved. Copyright © 1994 by Sue Ann Sinay, Manhattan Beach, CA.


Published 2001

by Hanon Sinay www.sinay.com

Manhattan Beach, California


Edition date of this version 4/29/02


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